writenext.io - application to make writing a habbit

I was a blogger long time ago. I really liked to write small posts. Though with time I’ve started feel more and more responsibile of the posts I wrote. Which is good in one way as this feeling is supposed to increase the quality of posts. But there is other side too - I had multiple unpublished posts which were not good enough. I’ve spent time to write those but I was not happy enough to publish them. Also some topics were not which I was interested into. But which (I expected) my readers are interested.

Then I stopped writing. I wanted to start again and again - created a tumblr blog, something else. But still haven’t got enough time blog. Recently I’ve started to use vimwiki for my personal notes. Vimwiki has a diary option which fits perfectly to write down few sentences out of my head in the same editor where I’ve just wrote code (and which is opened in my terminal all the time). This works well.

I’m wondering if this Write Next application as an API so I could import or export my writings and still collect badges :-) Let’s see.